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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Acer

18644 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 01.FOSTR.1GG Acer CPU.XEON-1.6GHz/1M/400/C0 N/C N/C Add 01.FOSTR.1GG
2. 01.ICPWM.2G0 Acer CPU.CEL-2G/128K/400/C1/PG N/C N/C Add 01.ICPWM.2G0
3. 01.NORTH.253 Acer CPU.P4-2.53GHz/512KB/533/C1/47 N/C N/C Add 01.NORTH.253
4. 01.NORTH.306 Acer CPU.P4-3.06GHz/512KB/533/C1/47 N/C N/C Add 01.NORTH.306
5. 01.PREST.18C Acer CPU.XEON-1.8G/512/400/C1 N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.18C
6. 01.PREST.20C Acer CPU.XEON-2GHz/512/400/C1 N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.20C
7. 01.PREST.24C Acer CPU.XEON-2.4G/512/400/C1 N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.24C
8. 01.PREST.26C Acer CPU.XEON-2.6G/512/400/C1 N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.26C
9. 01.PREST.28C Acer CPU.XEON-2.80GHz/512KB/400/C1/ N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.28C
10. 01.PREST.2G0 Acer CPU.XEON-2G/512/400/B0/PG N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.2G0
11. 01.PREST.2G2 Acer CPU.XEON-2.4G/512/400/B0 N/C N/C Add 01.PREST.2G2
12. 045-40-1BS Acer 22 N/C Add 045-40-1BS
13. 089SW01 Acer 8.9inch lcd matt N/C N/C Add 089SW01
14. 13-N951AP310 Acer M6N-1A LCD Cover 15 Assy N/C N/C Add 13-N951AP310
15. 1310A2158901 Acer DEBUG BD.MINI-PCI.INVENTEC N/C N/C Add 1310A2158901
16. 15.4-R Acer 2 N/C Add 15.4-R
17. 16.ABHV5.E01 Acer DIODE.AS3100/5100 N/C N/C Add 16.ABHV5.E01
18. 16.AV207.E01 Acer INDUCTOR.SMD.33uH.13.5A N/C N/C Add 16.AV207.E01
19. 16.FR6V7.E01 Acer INDUCTOR.SMD.10uH.155mA N/C N/C Add 16.FR6V7.E01
20. 18.LC40B.E01 Acer RESISTOR.SMD.300K.0805.1/8W N/C N/C Add 18.LC40B.E01

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