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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer DKR

12 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. L10105-BC Pbf DKR 16 N/C Add L10105-BC Pbf
2. L10105-N Pbf DKR 16 N/C Add L10105-N Pbf
3. L1045-BN Pbf DKR 13 N/C Add L1045-BN Pbf
4. L1045-N Pbf DKR 16 N/C Add L1045-N Pbf
5. L1060-BZ Pbf DKR 10 N/C Add L1060-BZ Pbf
6. L1060-N Pbf DKR 14 N/C Add L1060-N Pbf
7. L1075-BC Pbf DKR 4 N/C Add L1075-BC Pbf
8. L1075-BZ Pbf DKR 6 N/C Add L1075-BZ Pbf
9. L1075-C Pbf DKR 5 N/C Add L1075-C Pbf
10. L1090-BC Pbf DKR 20 N/C Add L1090-BC Pbf
11. L1090-BN Pbf DKR 20 N/C Add L1090-BN Pbf
12. L1090-N Pbf DKR 20 N/C Add L1090-N Pbf

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