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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Danfoss

223 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 175H1739 Danfoss DRIVE VLT3004 2.2KW 440/460/500VAC NO BRAKE N/C N/C Add 175H1739
2. 175H1741 Danfoss DRIVE 5HP 3PHRASE N/C N/C Add 175H1741
3. 175H7016 Danfoss AC DRIVE BOARD VLT IGBT N/C N/C Add 175H7016
4. 175H7073 Danfoss CONTROL CARD N/C N/C Add 175H7073
5. 175N0131 Danfoss REMOTE CONTROL PANEL LCP-2 FOR 2800 SERIES DRIVE N/C N/C Add 175N0131
6. 175N0162 Danfoss CABLE ASSEMBLY FCM300 N/C N/C Add 175N0162
7. 175N2545 Danfoss PLUG KIT FC LCP N/C N/C Add 175N2545
8. 175Z0034 Danfoss DRIVE 380-500V 50/60HZ 3HP N/C N/C Add 175Z0034
9. 175Z0046 Danfoss DRIVE 2HP 3.4-3.8AMP 380-500V N/C N/C Add 175Z0046
10. 175Z0052 Danfoss DRIVE 3HP 500VAC/4.8A IN 0.1-1000HZ 5.6/4.8A OUT N/C N/C Add 175Z0052
11. 175Z0064 Danfoss DRIVE VLT5006 VARIABLE FREQUENCY 10A 380-440V 8.2A N/C N/C Add 175Z0064
12. 175Z0070 Danfoss DRIVE 7.5HP AC N/C N/C Add 175Z0070
13. 175Z0149 Danfoss DRIVE VLT-5006 VARIABLE FREQUENCY 5HP 460V 3PHASE N/C N/C Add 175Z0149
14. 175Z0401 Danfoss KEYPAD FOR VLT 5001 THROUGH 5011 SERIES DRIVE N/C N/C Add 175Z0401
15. 175Z0850 Danfoss KIT REMOTE LCP N/C N/C Add 175Z0850
16. 175Z1310 Danfoss IGBT WITH PCB N/C N/C Add 175Z1310
17. 176B1112 Danfoss SPEED CONTROL IMPUT-240VAC OUTPUT 180VDC N/C N/C Add 176B1112
18. 176F0056 Danfoss DRIVE 75HP 460VAC N/C N/C Add 176F0056
19. 176F1474 Danfoss POWER CARD EB 380/460/500V N/C N/C Add 176F1474
20. 176F7302 Danfoss DRIVE 2HP 200-240VAC 50/60HZ N/C N/C Add 176F7302

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