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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Dell

1329 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 002UH Dell Motherboard N/C N/C Add 002UH
2. 0034T Dell LCD BEZEL FORLATITUDE 400 N/C N/C Add 0034T
3. 005048950 Dell Harddrive 300GB N/C N/C Add 005048950
4. 00HV6 Dell Dvd Super-Multi Drive N/C N/C Add 00HV6
6. 00X3Y Dell Harddrive 500G,ES,7.2K,2.5 N/C N/C Add 00X3Y
7. 0161E Dell Systemboard N/C N/C Add 0161E
8. 0165E Dell Power Supply Blank N/C N/C Add 0165E
9. 016MWP Dell Memory Riser Board N/C N/C Add 016MWP
10. 01RC29 Dell Keyboard (ITALIAN) N/C N/C Add 01RC29
11. 0200DY Dell Motherboard N/C N/C Add 0200DY
12. 023NVR Dell DisplayPort (DP) to DVI-D N/C N/C Add 023NVR
13. 0284T Dell PWR,SPLY,330W,2U,EDGE-CON,RDNT N/C N/C Add 0284T
14. 02VYF5 Dell Battery 6-Cell 11.1v 60WH N/C N/C Add 02VYF5
15. 02X585 Dell CPU Fan N/C N/C Add 02X585
16. 0301F4 Dell LCD Display 13.3 in. N/C N/C Add 0301F4
17. 03C5G1 Dell Keyboard (FRENCH) N/C N/C Add 03C5G1
18. 03FKM Dell Keyboard (SPANISH) N/C N/C Add 03FKM
19. 03K09 Dell Keyboard (ITALIAN) N/C N/C Add 03K09
20. 0416G Dell Keyboard (GERMAN) N/C N/C Add 0416G

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