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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Lenovo

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Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 02K6502 Lenovo TP600 CMOS BATTERY N/C N/C Add 02K6502
2. 02K6615 Lenovo Thinkpad A21M battery N/C N/C Add 02K6615
3. 02K6640 Lenovo Li-Ion Battery A Serie N/C N/C Add 02K6640
4. 02K6646 Lenovo Li-Ion Battery Ultrabay 2000 N/C N/C Add 02K6646
5. 02K6649 Lenovo T Serie Li-Ion Battery 10.8v N/C N/C Add 02K6649
6. 02K6651 Lenovo TP X-SERIES LIION BATTERY N/C N/C Add 02K6651
7. 02K6680 Lenovo TP 1200/1300 NiMH BATTERY N/C N/C Add 02K6680
8. 02K6699 Lenovo AC-ADAPTER 72W - 3 pin cable N/C N/C Add 02K6699
9. 02K6701 Lenovo 72W AC ADAPTER 3-pin cable N/C N/C Add 02K6701
10. 02K6701B Lenovo 72W AC ADAPTER W/2-LEG PLUG N/C N/C Add 02K6701B
11. 02K6706 Lenovo Adapter/240V AC f ThinkPad A+T N/C N/C Add 02K6706
12. 02K6719 Lenovo Ekstern batterioplader til TP N/C N/C Add 02K6719
13. 02K6738 Lenovo Li-Ion Battery for A21E/A22E N/C N/C Add 02K6738
14. 02K6742 Lenovo IBM BATTERY NI-MH OPT TP2655 N/C N/C Add 02K6742
15. 02K6743 Lenovo Lenovo Battery Li-Ion N/C N/C Add 02K6743
16. 02K6821 Lenovo BATTERY LI-ION FOR TP R30/R31 N/C N/C Add 02K6821
17. 02K6886 Lenovo AC-Adapter 56W 3 pin N/C N/C Add 02K6886
18. 02K7019 Lenovo MAIN BATTERY LI-ION (9548) IBM N/C N/C Add 02K7019
19. 02K7039 Lenovo TPX30 LIION BATTERY N/C N/C Add 02K7039
20. 02K7041 Lenovo Extended LION BATTERY N/C N/C Add 02K7041

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