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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Leviton

68 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 1223-2I Leviton WALL SWITCH 3-WAY 20AMP 120/277V N/C N/C Add 1223-2I
2. 1257-W Leviton SWITCH THREE POSITION 2CIRCUIT 20AMP 120-277VAC N/C N/C Add 1257-W
3. 1286 Leviton TOGGLE SWITCH DPDT N/C N/C Add 1286
4. 1288 Leviton TOGGLE SWITCH DPDT N/C N/C Add 1288
5. 2320 Leviton RECEPTACLE 20A 250V 2POLE FLUSH MOUNT LOCKING N/C N/C Add 2320
6. 2321 Leviton PLUG LOCKING 250VAC 20AMP 2POLE 3WIRE L6-20P N/C N/C Add 2321
7. 2420 Leviton RECEPTACLE SINGLE 20AMP 250V TL 3P-4W NEMA L15-20R N/C N/C Add 2420
8. 2433 Leviton CONNECTOR BODY 20AMP 480VAC TL 3P-4W NEMA L16-20R N/C N/C Add 2433
9. 25W47 Leviton CONNECTOR WATERTIGHT L5-15 LOCKING 15A/125VAC N/C N/C Add 25W47
10. 2615 Leviton INLET FLANGED 30AMP 125V 2POLE 3WIRE 100 N/C Add 2615
11. 2616 Leviton OUTLET FLANGED LOCKING 30AMP 125V 2P 3W L5-30R N/C N/C Add 2616
13. 2620 Leviton RECEPTACLE SINGLE 30AMP 250V TL 2P-3W NEMA L6-30R 163 N/C Add 2620
14. 2621 Leviton PLUG 30AMP 250VAC TL 2POLE 3WIRE NEMA L6-30P N/C N/C Add 2621
15. 267190 Leviton N/C N/C Add 267190
16. 2721 Leviton PLUG 2CD LOCKING 30A 250V L15-30P N/C N/C Add 2721
17. 2723 Leviton CONNECTOR BODY 30AMP 250VAC TL 3P-4W NEMA L15-30R N/C N/C Add 2723
18. 3764-C Leviton CONNECTOR BODY 50AMP 600VAC TL 3POLE 4WATT BLACK N/C N/C Add 3764-C
19. 3769 Leviton RECEPTACLE SINGLE 50AMP 600VAC TL 3P-4W POWER N/C N/C Add 3769
20. 3800-DIN Leviton SURGE SUPPRESSOR 110 TO 60DEG C 120VAC N/C N/C Add 3800-DIN

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