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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Oki

13625 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 00058701YB Oki POWER SUPPLY 24V, ML280 N/C N/C Add 00058701YB
2. 00079801 Oki Toner Black N/C N/C Add 00079801
3. 00096103 Oki Main pcb HUK, OP6w N/C N/C Add 00096103
4. 001E66640 Oki RAIL-UPPER, B930 N/C N/C Add 001E66640
5. 002-0697-0-SP Oki PAD ASSY, ADF1030 N/C N/C Add 002-0697-0-SP
6. 002-0779-0-SP Oki Document Cover Assy , SC7000 N/C N/C Add 002-0779-0-SP
7. 002-0994-0-SP Oki Optical Assemply DS610CF, SC70 N/C N/C Add 002-0994-0-SP
8. 002-0995-0-SP Oki Bottom Housing Assy, SC7000 N/C N/C Add 002-0995-0-SP
9. 002-1213-0-SP Oki Main Board Assy (PCBA MB145)+F N/C N/C Add 002-1213-0-SP
10. 002-1268-0-SP Oki Optical Assy, S900 N/C N/C Add 002-1268-0-SP
11. 002-1269-0-SP Oki Lamp Assy, S900 N/C N/C Add 002-1269-0-SP
12. 002-1274-0-SP Oki Assy Hinge, DS8000C N/C N/C Add 002-1274-0-SP
13. 002-1294-0-SP Oki Document Cover Module, SC7000 N/C N/C Add 002-1294-0-SP
14. 002-1302-0-SP Oki ASSY, DOCUMENT COVER, DCS8000 N/C N/C Add 002-1302-0-SP
15. 002-1304-0-SP Oki Upper Case Assy, ADF4030 N/C N/C Add 002-1304-0-SP
16. 002-1305-0-SP Oki Front Case Assy, ADF4030 N/C N/C Add 002-1305-0-SP
17. 002-1310-0-SP Oki ADF Hinge Assy, ADF4030 N/C N/C Add 002-1310-0-SP
18. 002-1311-0-SP Oki Pad Assy, ADF4030 N/C N/C Add 002-1311-0-SP
19. 002-1312-0-SP Oki ADF Roller Assy, ADF4030 N/C N/C Add 002-1312-0-SP
20. 002-1359-0-SP Oki Upper Housing Module, DS8000C N/C N/C Add 002-1359-0-SP

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