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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Photoswitch

705 produits

Line Part number Manufacturer Designation Qty CDT RFQ
1. 1-899 Photoswitch HOUSING PHOTOELECTRIC N/C N/C Add 1-899
2. 1336F-MCB-SP2C Photoswitch PCB MAIN CONTROL N/C N/C Add 1336F-MCB-SP2C
3. 13DJ3-3000 Photoswitch SENSOR MODULE LEVEL CONTROL N/C N/C Add 13DJ3-3000
4. 1485R-P3N5-C Photoswitch CORDSET QD DEVICENET MINI 3M N/C N/C Add 1485R-P3N5-C
5. 1485R-P3R5-C Photoswitch CORD SET 3METER STRAIGHT FEMALE MICRO 20 N/C Add 1485R-P3R5-C
6. 1492-MCAA115 Photoswitch CIRCUIT BREAKER 15AMP 1POLE 1/2INCH WIDE 10KA AIC N/C N/C Add 1492-MCAA115
7. 22DJ2-3000 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC CARD FOR 4000 SERIES N/C N/C Add 22DJ2-3000
8. 22DJ3-3000 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC CARD FOR 4000 SERIES PLUG IN MODULE N/C N/C Add 22DJ3-3000
9. 22DJ4 Photoswitch PLUG IN MODULE ON/OFF CARD FOR 4000 SERIES N/C N/C Add 22DJ4
10. 22DJ9-4000 Photoswitch CONTROL 4000 SERIES UNIVERSAL PLUG IN N/C N/C Add 22DJ9-4000
11. 22DJ9-5000 Photoswitch TIMER AMPLIFIER MODULE N/C N/C Add 22DJ9-5000
12. 23DF33001 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC CONTROL MODULE N/C N/C Add 23DF33001
13. 40BA1-1000 Photoswitch LIGHT SOURCE N/C N/C Add 40BA1-1000
14. 40BY1-4000 Photoswitch LIGHT SOURCE LED FOR 22/23 SERIES 3000 N/C N/C Add 40BY1-4000
15. 40CA4-1001 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC LIGHT SOURCE LED 10FT SIDEVIEW N/C N/C Add 40CA4-1001
16. 40CA4-4000 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC SUB MINI LED SIDEVIEW N/C N/C Add 40CA4-4000
17. 40SA1-4000 Photoswitch SOURCE SUB-MINI LED N/C N/C Add 40SA1-4000
18. 41AN1-1003 Photoswitch UNIT ASSEMBLY N/C N/C Add 41AN1-1003
19. 42BA-S1LNAG-A2 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC N/C N/C Add 42BA-S1LNAG-A2
20. 42BA-S2LNAA-A2 Photoswitch PHOTOELECTRIC 30MM 1.2IN NPN 2M 6.5FT CABLE N/C N/C Add 42BA-S2LNAA-A2

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