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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Cutler Hammer

1186 produits

Línea Referencia Fabricante Designación Cant CDT RFQ
1. 10-1308-7 Cutler Hammer OVERLOAD RELAY W/RESET N/C N/C Add 10-1308-7
2. 10-1430-3 Cutler Hammer RELAY THERMAL OVERLOAD MANUAL RESET 2ELEMENT N/C N/C Add 10-1430-3
3. 10-2553-4 Cutler Hammer SWITCH RESET N/C N/C Add 10-2553-4
4. 10-3535-5 Cutler Hammer OVERLOAD RELAY 50AMP 3 ELEMENT EUTECTIC TYPE ST N/C N/C Add 10-3535-5
5. 10-3563-5 Cutler Hammer OVERLOAD RELAY 100AMP 3POLE N/C N/C Add 10-3563-5
6. 10-6380-2 Cutler Hammer TERMINAL BLOCK N/C N/C Add 10-6380-2
7. 10-6530-4 Cutler Hammer OVERLOAD RELAY USED ON SIZE4 FREEDOM STARTER N/C N/C Add 10-6530-4
8. 10250-ED1080-2 Cutler Hammer OPERATOR MAINTAINED PUSH-PULL N/C N/C Add 10250-ED1080-2
9. 10250-T47 Cutler Hammer CONTACT BLOCK 30.5MM HD ECNO NC PRES TERM N/C N/C Add 10250-T47
10. 10250-T5B63-3 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON RED MUSH MAINTAINED NON-ILL PUSH-PULL N/C N/C Add 10250-T5B63-3
11. 10250E-D1080 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON E-STOP N/C N/C Add 10250E-D1080
12. 10250H-364 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON STATION N/C N/C Add 10250H-364
13. 10250H-5101 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON STATION STOP N/C N/C Add 10250H-5101
14. 10250H-5303 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON 3ELEMENT OPEN-CLOSE-STOP N/C N/C Add 10250H-5303
15. 10250H-671 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON STATION 2ELEMENT 1NO/1NC N/C N/C Add 10250H-671
17. 10250H5301 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON 3ELEMENT UP-DOWN-STOP 2NO-1NC N/C N/C Add 10250H5301
18. 10250HL-1956A Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON STATION 600V START/STOP N/C N/C Add 10250HL-1956A
19. 10250T-1 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON PILOT LIGHT RED N/C N/C Add 10250T-1
20. 10250T-101 Cutler Hammer PUSHBUTTON OPERATOR BLACK MOMENTARY N/C N/C Add 10250T-101

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