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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Hitachi

7994 produits

Línea Referencia Fabricante Designación Cant CDT RFQ
1. 08K1568 Hitachi 6 N/C Add 08K1568
2. 08k2531HMS360402D5CF00 Hitachi 60 N/C Add 08k2531HMS360402D5CF00
3. 0A30210 Hitachi 2 N/C Add 0A30210
4. 0A35772 Hitachi 1TB SATAII 32MB, RAID N/C N/C Add 0A35772
5. 0A50937 Hitachi 150 N/C Add 0A50937
6. 0A57912 Hitachi 250GB 5400RPM 8MB 9,5MM SATA N/C N/C Add 0A57912
7. 0A78603 Hitachi 320GB 5400RPM 8MB 7MM SATA N/C N/C Add 0A78603
8. 0A78742 Hitachi 250GB 7200RPM 16MB 7MM SATA N/C N/C Add 0A78742
9. 0B20545 Hitachi 6599 N/C Add 0B20545
10. 0B22130 Hitachi 73GB SAS 15000RPM 16MB N/C N/C Add 0B22130
11. 0B24153 Hitachi 300GB SAS 10000RPM 64MB 2,5 N/C N/C Add 0B24153
12. 0F10381 Hitachi 500GB SATAII 16MB N/C N/C Add 0F10381
13. 0F12115 Hitachi 2TB SATAII 64MB N/C N/C Add 0F12115
14. 0F12450 Hitachi 1000 N/C Add 0F12450
15. 0F12455 Hitachi 2TB SATAII 64MB, RAID N/C N/C Add 0F12455
16. 0F12460 Hitachi 3TB SATAII 32MB CoolSpin N/C N/C Add 0F12460
17. 0F13180 Hitachi 1TB SATAIII 32MBNO RAID N/C N/C Add 0F13180
18. 0F14681 Hitachi 4TB 7200RPM SATAII 64MB N/C N/C Add 0F14681
19. 0J11563 Hitachi 750GB 5400RPM 8MB 9,5MM SATA N/C N/C Add 0J11563
20. 0J13112 Hitachi 250GB 5400RPM 8MB 7MM SATA N/C N/C Add 0J13112

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