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Distributor of Electrical and electronic components manufacturer Telemecanique

1694 produits

Línea Referencia Fabricante Designación Cant CDT RFQ
1. 1 CORPS ZB4BZ105 Telemecanique 2 N/C Add 1 CORPS ZB4BZ105
2. 1 CORPS ZB4BZ105 Telemecanique BOUTON,TOURNANT 2 1 Add 1 CORPS ZB4BZ105
3. 2090-21DA Telemecanique COIL 110V N/C N/C Add 2090-21DA
4. 2090-25DA Telemecanique COIL 220V N/C N/C Add 2090-25DA
5. 2200-EB1 Telemecanique AUXILIARY CONTACT 1NO N/C N/C Add 2200-EB1
6. 2200-EB221AA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 30AMP 110/120V 50/60HZ 2-NO&1-NC N/C N/C Add 2200-EB221AA
7. 2200-EB230BA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 600VAC 3POLE 25AMP N/C N/C Add 2200-EB230BA
8. 2200-EB320BA Telemecanique CONTACTOR DEFINATE PURPOSE 2N/O 40AMP 50/60HZ N/C N/C Add 2200-EB320BA
9. 2200-EB330EA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 30AMP 3POLE 24VDC COIL N/C N/C Add 2200-EB330EA
10. 2200-EB421AA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 2POLE 600VAC N/C N/C Add 2200-EB421AA
11. 2200-EB430AA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 50AMP 3POLE 120VAC N/C N/C Add 2200-EB430AA
12. 2200-EB430BA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 600VAC 40AMP N/C N/C Add 2200-EB430BA
13. 2200-EB5 Telemecanique AUXILIARY CONTACT 1NO/1NC 600V HEAVY PILOT DUTY AC N/C N/C Add 2200-EB5
14. 2200-EBA-530AA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 50AMP 600VAC N/C N/C Add 2200-EBA-530AA
15. 2200EB440EA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 600VAC 40AMP 4POLE N/C N/C Add 2200EB440EA
16. 2200EBA730EA Telemecanique CONTACTOR 3POLE 75AMP 1NO AUX CONTACT 24V COIL N/C N/C Add 2200EBA730EA
17. 2520-MP0.6 Telemecanique STARTER MOTOR PROTECTOR .6-1.0AMP N/C N/C Add 2520-MP0.6
18. 41233112 Telemecanique UNITELWAY TELE SOFTWARE N/C N/C Add 41233112
19. 7A4N Telemecanique LEVER FOR LIMIT SWITCH N/C N/C Add 7A4N

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